Anyone aged 8 right up to 19 can become a member of Wigan Youth Zone (and up to the age of 25 with additional needs). It’s a great opportunity for the young people of Wigan to get involved in fantastic opportunities, new sports and some fantastic activities – all just for 50p a session. To join Wigan Youth Zone, fill out the application form below and pay the £5 membership fee for an annual membership.

  • Please Note that we are currently working on a limited offer due to lockdown, please contact us to find out more information.

Membership is divided up into 2 categories: Juniors and Seniors.

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For those aged 8 right through to those in Year 6 of Primary School



For those of high school age and up to the age of 19



What’s so great about becoming a member?

Wigan Youth Zone is all about you, we make sure there is a huge selection of great stuff to get involved in every night of the week – so no matter what your interest, whether you’re on your own or with your mates, into sport or love dancing… we guarantee there’s something that you’ll enjoy here.

Our members gain so much from joining Wigan Youth Zone, here’s a taste of the achievements and opportunities that some of our members have gained from being a member at Wigan Youth Zone;


Music and Media wigan


“I got to write, perform and produce my own music videos”

“I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Award, it’s going to look great on my CV”

“I’ve made tons of new friends”

“I conquered the 10 metre climbing wall and now I want to get my climbing qualification at the Youth Zone”

“I’ve learned loads of new hairstyles!”

“My confidence has grown and grown, now I can speak in front of hundreds of people”

“I’ve been on residential trips to Wales, Lake District and seen all over the UK”

“I have become a professional Basketball Player – all thanks to Wigan Youth Zone”

“The Gym and the team has helped me lose 2 stone.. I feel miles healthier”

“I climbed Snowdon!”

“I get to play football every night and now I’m part of a team”

“I met Prince Harry and David Cameron!!”

So… what will you gain?

So… what will you gain? Come along and become a member of Wigan Youth Zone, all it costs is £5 for an annual membership then just 50p each visit.


What happens on my first visit?

What happens on my first visit?

Wigan Youth Zone is open to all young people, anyone can become a member regardless of where they live, their abilities, interests or gender – we’re open to everyone and always make a big effort with new members, to ensure they enjoy their first visit to Wigan Youth Zone.

Anyone who is new to the youth zone is given a full tour of the facilities and all the great activities they can get involved in, this gives them an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what we offer. All staff are made aware of new members and make an effort to introduce themselves and make anyone new feel comfortable in each area.  


A Youth Zone for EVERYONE

A Youth Zone for EVERYONE

Wigan Youth zone is for everyone! We have a dedicated inclusion team that makes sure that #everyyoungpersoncan, we believe that all the activities at the youth zone should be enjoyed by every young person, regardless of their ability.

Find out more about our Inclusion Team here.

  • Flogert Cera, 16


    “I love my time at Wigan Youth Zone, I’ve gained loads of confidence and thank all the youth work staff for their help!”
    Sabrina, 13
  • Stephanie, 16


      “I love coming to Wigan Youth Zone, joining in activities and to get out the house – I’ve met tons of new friends”
    Stephanie, 16
  • Adam, 23


    “Since attending the Youth Zone, I’ve become more confident, made new friends and even got a job through the employability course!”
    Adam, 23
  • Danny, 11


      “I love the Youth Zone especially the Skate Park. My confidence has grown so much that now I even enter tournaments!”
    Danny, 11
  • Nathan, 18


      “The Gym at Wigan Youth Zone has had an important impact on my life – making me stronger, fitter and healthier.”
    Nathan, 18