Opening Times

Wigan Youth Zone Opening Times

Weekday Opening Times
Wigan Youth Zone is open for everyone secondary school age up to 19, from 4pm to 10pm  - every weekday, Monday to Friday.

Weekend Opening Times
At the weekend, we are open between 10am and 2pm for Juniors – primary school years 3 to 6.

We’re also open Saturday and Sunday evenings 4pm to 10pm for all everyone secondary school age through to 19 – the same as every weekday.

Holiday Club

We are committed to providing a first class holiday activities during all school holidays, so when school’s out, we’re open.

Totally separate from our regular 50p sessions, these are likely to run all day, include a host of activities both inside and beyond the Youth Zone, and include some food in the cost.

Attending the holiday club will probably cost a bit more than 50p, (as our staffing costs will be higher) but will still be extremely competitive and as low as we can make it.

We are currently in discussion with a number of potential partners who will help to deliver our holiday club offer.  When we have those confirmed, we will publish all our opening times and costs.

Our first holiday project for Wigan Youth Zone will be the Summer school holidays in 2013; come back to this page to find out more in the coming months.



donations for

Wigan Youth Zone needs to raise £400,000 each year from private donations.  If you think young Wiganers need somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to, please consider making a donation to help cover our running costs.

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