I am 19 years old and had been out of work for around 3 months. I was in the job centre and got offered to do the Get a Job course, so I accepted and agreed to meet Greg. I had no idea who else was involved in the course because unfortunately I missed the opening day.


Before becoming unemployed, I was employed doing an admin apprenticeship at MHL Estate agents and before that I was also doing another apprenticeship at MP Energy, however, due to various circumstances both of these apprenticeships only lasted a couple of months. I thought getting involved in the course was going to be a great idea to be able to boost my confidence and skills to be able to find a full time job.

Duke of Edinburgh/ Outdoor Activity Day

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was really out of my comfort zone. I attended the gym sessions as part of the course and got involved with the weekend practice expedition. A group of 8 or 9 of us from the cohort took part. It was a struggle for me due to the amount of walking involved but I managed to stick with it and completed it. We all worked together as a team to help each other through it, we had to put up our tents, light an open fire, cook our food in a tangier and share the weight load of carrying each other’s bags. We climbed Rivington Pike which was a massive positive for me because when I stood at the bottom of the pike and looked up to see what we have to do I thought I cannot do this, but I did. The whole process for me was definitely a big challenge.

On the outdoor activity day was a fun experience because we were all there as a full cohort. We took part in activities such as rock climbing, abseiling and gorge walking. We had to work as a team with the rock climbing because where one person was climbing four of us were in charge of the ropes which involved a lot of trust. The gorge walking was really fun as we had to help each other through the gorge and we had to climb a waterfall harnessed only to a piece of rope at the end. Both of the experiences were physically and mentally difficult but I managed to succeed which increased my confidence even more.

Work experience placement

At the end of the course, I did two week placement at Wigan & Leigh homes as an administrator. I enjoyed the placement because I was doing admin duties and a variety of different jobs. I was going out meeting tenants and showing them around properties. It helped me boost my admin experience and skills to help me progress further.


Overall, I thought the course was great; it helped me become a more confident as a person. I attended an interview at Wigan Youth Zone to do an admin apprenticeship and was successful. I couldn’t have done any of the course and getting myself such a great opportunity without the help of the Employability and Skills tutors like Greg, Siky, John and Chris. I appreciate all the help they provided me to achieve my goal of working in a business admin environment. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who needs guidance and help to find a job.

  • Flogert Cera, 16


    “I love my time at Wigan Youth Zone, I’ve gained loads of confidence and thank all the youth work staff for their help!”
    Sabrina, 13
  • Stephanie, 16


      “I love coming to Wigan Youth Zone, joining in activities and to get out the house – I’ve met tons of new friends”
    Stephanie, 16
  • Adam, 23


    “Since attending the Youth Zone, I’ve become more confident, made new friends and even got a job through the employability course!”
    Adam, 23
  • Danny, 11


      “I love the Youth Zone especially the Skate Park. My confidence has grown so much that now I even enter tournaments!”
    Danny, 11
  • Nathan, 18


      “The Gym at Wigan Youth Zone has had an important impact on my life – making me stronger, fitter and healthier.”
    Nathan, 18