Sian has been coming to the Youth Zone since we opened in June 2013. When she first started to come to the Art Zone as she enjoyed the peace and quiet and used to sit quietly doing her own studies in her sketchbook and joining in the various activities planned.


Sian had suffered from bullying which had knocked her self-esteem and confidence in social situations. In the time that Sian has been at the Youth Zone she has grown in confidence massively. Sian really enjoys Manga, Anime and cartoons.

Sian said “I love coming to the Art Zone. Coming here has made me be confident about the person I am. It’s a place I can come and just be myself and do all the things I enjoy.”

Through coming to the Art Zone Sian has made a new bunch of friends who share the same interests. One of their favourite projects in particular at the moment in making their favourite character dolls and matching costumes for cos play. See Sian above with her friend Georgette who she met in the Art Zone.
Another one of Sians favourite projects that she has developed in the Art Zone is her pixel Art.

Sian says “I love doing pixel art it just makes me feel like I’m in the zone.”

She enjoyed doing pixel art so much that she even set up her own pixel Art club in School! We are so proud of Sian to see how much she has grown in confidence as well as the skills she has developed in the Art room.

  • Flogert Cera, 16


    “I love my time at Wigan Youth Zone, I’ve gained loads of confidence and thank all the youth work staff for their help!”
    Sabrina, 13
  • Stephanie, 16


      “I love coming to Wigan Youth Zone, joining in activities and to get out the house – I’ve met tons of new friends”
    Stephanie, 16
  • Adam, 23


    “Since attending the Youth Zone, I’ve become more confident, made new friends and even got a job through the employability course!”
    Adam, 23
  • Danny, 11


      “I love the Youth Zone especially the Skate Park. My confidence has grown so much that now I even enter tournaments!”
    Danny, 11
  • Nathan, 18


      “The Gym at Wigan Youth Zone has had an important impact on my life – making me stronger, fitter and healthier.”
    Nathan, 18