Chantelle Coyne, Youth Zone Member


Chantelle Coyne very much lacked in confidence when she first became a member of Wigan Youth Zone. But with the support of a structured programme, diet and motivation Chantelle has come on leaps and bounds over the past year and brushed off her old self.

With the right guidance from the Wigan Youth Zone Gym Instructors Chantelle has lost 23 kg. At the start of her programme in October 2013 she weighed in at 101 kg and was a 16 dress size but now she is 80 kg and a size 12.

Chantelle was bullied because of her weight and she soon became depressed. This had a knock on effect to her diet, with comfort eating being her only release to the problem.

From the results she was seeing on the road to her journey, this kept Chantelle focussed and gave her a release from everyday life. She started to become confident within herself saying:

“It’s the best thing I have ever done and my best achievement to date.”

Chantelle now trains 3-5 times a week training hard every session.

“I used to get scared about how people would judge me about the way I look. But becoming a member at Wigan Youth Zone and joining the gym has changed so much for me in such a positive way. I now feel confident in wearing a bikini and last week when I went on holiday was the first time.”

Seeing Chantelle’s journey has been inspiring for so many young people. Hard work and determination in anything you do can accomplish so much all it takes is a little faith within yourself.

  • Flogert Cera, 16


    “I love my time at Wigan Youth Zone, I’ve gained loads of confidence and thank all the youth work staff for their help!”
    Sabrina, 13
  • Stephanie, 16


      “I love coming to Wigan Youth Zone, joining in activities and to get out the house – I’ve met tons of new friends”
    Stephanie, 16
  • Adam, 23


    “Since attending the Youth Zone, I’ve become more confident, made new friends and even got a job through the employability course!”
    Adam, 23
  • Danny, 11


      “I love the Youth Zone especially the Skate Park. My confidence has grown so much that now I even enter tournaments!”
    Danny, 11
  • Nathan, 18


      “The Gym at Wigan Youth Zone has had an important impact on my life – making me stronger, fitter and healthier.”
    Nathan, 18